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David Rio Chai Bar
Hospitality - San Francisco

David Rio Chai Bar

San Francisco

David Rio’s brand is embodied by the tiger in their logo — fearless, bold and confident — and instilled with the ideals of peaceful energy, fine craftsmanship and a love of what they do­.


A café, beer/wine bar and experimental lab in one, Chai Bar San Francisco is the company’s first brick-and-mortar. Studio BBA’s design for this high profile, Market Street flagship translates the brand into visually rich spatial elements that evoke the sensory, rejuvenating nature of making, serving and enjoying teas. David Rio teas originate from environments around the globe, inspiring our bold use of color, lighting and materials. Custom built-ins and interactive niches for product discovery offer variations in shape and scale throughout the cafe’s interior.


At the center of the space, patrons gather round to watch the tea-crafting process. A welcoming, upholstered banquette runs the entire length of one wall, drawing you to the back of the space and the Chai Lab, where staff and patrons collaborate with the products—creating new mixes on the spot, getting feedback on trial concoctions, and creating personalized tea blends.

Size: 2,600 SF
Completion: April 1, 2015

Terra Nova Industries


Nicholas V. Ruiz

Client Website: David Rio Chai Bar
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