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Dreaming big with Ground
Hospitality - Oakland

Dreaming big with Ground


We often have clients find us through the myriad of hospitality projects that we have done over the years . . . where people connect the dots of their favorite Bay Area places (and their ability to foster deeper human connections) back to us. It is endearing and humbling and sometimes surprising, as is the case with these speculative projects for Binta Ayofemi and her non-profit, Ground.


Over the course of two years, we worked with this artist to create the master plan, the collages and the architectural backbone for her ambitious artistic vision.


You can see the results of one such project at Commons in Oakland.


The others live on as dreams for a fairer future in which the flow of global capital emerges from the ground where ideas are born.


Binta Ayofemi, Ground

Design Team:

Anand Sheth
Vishnu Balunsat
Bonnie Bridges

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