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Equator Mill Valley
Hospitality - Mill Valley

Equator Mill Valley

Mill Valley

Studio BBA’s concept for this historic town square café draws on the area’s rustic and natural energy and connects to the vibrant street life, while reflecting the refined character of Equator Coffees and Teas.


Expanding on elements we used at the Equator Prooflab location, our Mill Valley café design deepens the company’s brick-and-mortar brand palette with the warmth of salvaged redwood, balanced by concrete, plaster, tile and copper, and accented by ‘Equator red’. We capitalized on existing high ceilings in the storefront to feature a 27-point light array, half of which suspends down to reveal the fixtures’ slip-cast concrete texture.


To further integrate Mill Valley’s history, Studio BBA designed a table of redwood and salvaged railroad rails for the outdoor seating area.

Size: 950 SF
Completion: September 1, 2014
Repeat Client:

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Nicholas V. Ruiz

Client Website: Equator Mill Valley
Design Team:

Bonnie Bridges
Sarah Fucinaro

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