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Thumbtack Library
Commercial - San Francisco

Thumbtack Library

San Francisco

The Thumbtack Library showcases the relationship of trust fostered between the client and Studio BBA. As a 5x repeat client, we were so excited to collaborate and experiment with Thumbtack as we all tackled the future of workplace in the middle of a pandemic.


During the pandemic, Thumbtack made the decision to become an all-virtual company. Instead of traditional offices, they created a plan for four “libraries” across the globe for socializing, gathering and connection.


With this directive, we’ve created something entirely new. Libraries are strategically located as a resource to employees globally to allow for connections, community and socializing in-real-life. This partnership resulted in a truly iterative process upheld by the strong ethos of Thumbtack’s Head of People and a committed and supportive Landlord team.


Thumbtack is evolving and transforming, and their new space reflects that, meeting them in their commitment to equity. The library is not a one solution fits all. By creating a spectrum of places, the library offers neighborhoods from noisy and extroverted, to quiet and pensive. Spaces support independent laptop work, but also phone booths for private calls, or high-back feet-up lounge chairs for soaking in the view while thinking.


Other experiments in the office include providing phone booths large enough to act as offices for acoustic privacy for executives and staff discussing confidential information.

Size: 20,000 SF
Completion: April 15, 2022




Magnusson Klemencic Associates

Pear Workplace Solutions

The Plant People

Tinkering Monkey
Signage + Branding


Space Pioneer

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Victor Goods

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Design Team:

Vishnu Balunsat
Bonnie Bridges

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