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Flora Grubb Gardens LA
Hospitality - Los Angeles

Flora Grubb Gardens LA

Los Angeles

We had the opportunity to collaborate again with the dream team that is Flora Grubb Gardens on their new Marina Del Rey location. Their new location in Southern California is quickly becoming a gathering place for design-driven gardeners who are committed to the wiser use of resources. Studio BBA helped to create and iterate with Flora’s vision of another park-like nursery. We helped the Marina Del Rey location to embody Flora Grubb’s commitment to making lavishly beautiful landscapes that require minimal water and chemicals accessible to the public.


It has been incredibly rewarding to watch the successes of Flora Grubb Gardens as they grow and we are grateful for our partnership, as they bring us along time and time again. Through our longtime relationship with Flora Grubb, we continue to collaborate frequently with the Gardens’ landscape services on other Studio BBA projects.

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Flora Grubb Gardens SF


Caitlin Atkinson

Client Website: Flora Grubb Gardens
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