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Mamahuhu Mill Valley
Hospitality - Mill Valley

Mamahuhu Mill Valley

Mill Valley

Mill Valley is the second location we’ve created with the Mamahuhu team. In addition to designing each individual location, we have been working with the talented Mamahuhu team on their spatial brand experience: the storefront vibe, customer and staff feel and flow, front and back of house standards (POS, water and bussing stations, pick up racks) and color and material design standards (brand colors, brand tile, booths, and other repeatable standards).


Clement was the first location and carried with it a bit of Mister Jiu’s fine dining vibe (as Brandon Jew is a partner). Upon reflection, the MMHH team recognized that it did not align with their target clientele—a family friendly high-quality fast casual dining experience. Mill Valley captures the team and client feedback received from the original location. In this project, we developed a design that would trend more family friendly while maintaining a sophisticated playfulness.


The long narrow space is lined with booths and tables crafted around the design standards we worked together to define(wood bar, maple plywood booths, and playful wall sconces). Working to highlight some of the space’s original charm, Ron champ-inspired windows run through the dining area with on-brand accent colors diffuse warm playful light into the space.

Size: 1270 SF
Completion: February 18, 2021



MEP Engineering

Casey Gray

Brand Styling

Repeat Client:

Mamahuhu Clement

Mamahuhu Mill Valley

Mamahuhu Noe Valley

Mister Jiu's

Client Website: Mamahuhu
Design Team:

Bonnie Bridges
Megan McGuinn
Vishnu Balunsat

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